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Ms. Shelley Rowell » Welcome to Ms. Rowell's 8th Grade Physical Science Class! :D

Welcome to Ms. Rowell's 8th Grade Physical Science Class! :D

October 9-13 - Our first 9 weeks was a fun success!!  Thank you for your help at home!!  We are now discussing density and the affect that heat has upon it. We are also discussing buoyancy (floating) due to objects being less dense than the fluid they are in. (Chapter 3 in the blue book) Tuesday students formed objects out of modeling clay that they felt would be 'buoyant' after drying. We will test these Wednesday before our lab on heat & density. Wednesday's lab will involve an alcohol burner so students need to wear short sleeves and make sure their hair is tied back. Friday we will be making hot air balloons out of light weight industrial garbage bags and candles. Hopefully it will be a cool day without any wind & this project will work to demonstrate that heat lowers the density and expands the volume of air.  Our next in class project will be building bottle rockets, so please be saving 2 liter bottles!
Happy New Year Everyone! I will now be adding class announcements to the Remind App. To join our class on remind, you may use your smart phone to open the web browser link: & follow the instructions.  If you do not have a smart phone, you may get text notifications by texting the message  @3f9fa3 to 81010. If you have trouble, try texting the message to 702-728-3083.
We will start back to school reviewing where we left off with balancing equations and move on to studying Ionic & Covalent compounds in more depth. Our next project will be a group poster on the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Each group will be given a specific part of the spectrum to represent. The tentative due date is March 5th. 
Our snow tubing trip has been rescheduled for Friday, January 5th.   
The next DoJo reward trip will be Six Flags Physics Day on April 20th. Invitations will be given out as soon as students earn their 300 points and money will be due the Monday we return from Spring Break (March 2nd)  
Happy New Year! We will start off the Year with the Electromagnetic Spectrum and how it relates to energy/technology. Our next project is a partner poster due in February.  For updates, sign up for our Remind App text @3f9fa3 to 81010.