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Mrs. Regina McKinney » 2nd Period 7th Grade Mathematics

2nd Period 7th Grade Mathematics

Students during the week of January 16-19, 2018, we will cover pages 33-61 in class. These lessons covers Proportional and Nonproportional Relationships, the four-step plan, graphing proportional relationships and solving proportional relationships. You may read ahead and practice "Got it?" problems from each section for me to check or you may wait until we discuss the material in class. After the discussion in class you need to go home and practice the procedures. The only way to get better in math is to practice. Make sure you show your work for each problem. On Friday, January 19, you will have a quiz on the lessons we have covered in this chapter. (If the date if changed I will let you know).
If you would like to practice more problems go to the following link: